I recently read about a photographer who started a project called #thefrontstepsproject in her neighborhood. It inspired me to do something similar in our neighborhood. 

I started out photographing families in my neighborhood in the hopes of raising $500 for FeedMore. After raising over $700 in my neighborhood alone, I decided to expand the project into greater Bon Air. I had dozens of inquiries and started scheduling photo sessions, from a reasonable distance of course! The donations started coming in and I kept increasing my fundraising goal for FeedMore. 

At this point I have photographed nearly 100 families and have increased the fundraising goal to $5000, which is amazing since that is 10 times what I originally hoped to raise for FeedMore! I have been doing these 

During the course of this project I was laid off, like so many other Americans. I have been doing the portraits at no charge to the families, I have simply been asking for them to make a good faith donation to FeedMore. I have had a number of people ask if they can send a tip and that is not necessary but would be greatly appreciated! I volunteered my time and skills (as well as gas money, ha!) in an effort to help FeedMore so they can help those in our community who need it most. 

If you love this project and/or your photos and would like to send a tip, you can do so via Venmo (@shaunaignerlee) or PayPal (shaunaignerlee@gmail.com). Another way to help my small business as well as another local business would be to order prints through my website. Orders are printed locally at Richmond Camera and shipped to your home. 

It's been amazing capturing the beauty of so many families during such a crazy time. All of your smiles make my day!